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LIPSMART® is a premier lip plumper and volumizer that’s been proven to effectively leave you with softer, fuller lips. The aesthetic experts at Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness in the Dadeland area of Miami can help you learn to use LipSmart when you come in for a consultation. Book your visit and find out more about LipSmart by requesting an appointment online or by calling the office directly.

LipSmart Q & A

What is LipSmart?

LipSmart is a proprietary blend of active ingredients and plant-based conditioners to help you achieve softer, fuller, more voluptuous lips. Two of the active ingredients in LipSmart start out by tricking your skin into thinking it needs to make repairs. This triggers collagen and hyaluronan synthesis, meaning your lips are naturally becoming fuller and more youthful-looking.

Other LipSmart ingredients go a step further and fill in gaps between connective tissues. This creates the natural softness you may be missing. To seal in all of the essential compounds in LipSmart, the product helps create a natural moisture retaining barrier, so you won’t have to worry about the benefits fading away.

The breakthrough technology behind LipSmart can:

  • Boost hydration
  • Brighten lips
  • Resolve cracks
  • Regenerate skin cells
  • Fill out deflated lips

LipSmart is ideal for restoring your youthful lips and providing visibly dramatic results, starting with your first application.

How Do I Use LipSmart?

LipSmart was designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. All you have to do to achieve fuller, softer, more beautiful lips is to apply LipSmart up to 2-3 times per day. Usually, it’s easiest to remember to apply LipSmart first thing in the morning, then again before you go to bed.

It’s important to keep your LipSmart with you throughout the day, so you can apply it anytime your lips feel dry and cracked. LipSmart provides instant moisture. You can even layer your LipSmart under your daily lipliner, lipstick, or other beauty product.

When Will I Have Results with LipSmart?

The team at Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness finds that most men and women who try LipSmart notice softer lips almost immediately. With continued daily use, your lips retain moisture and start repairing themselves, leaving you with dramatic results within a couple weeks.

To continue having softer, fuller, plumper lips, you need to keep LipSmart in your daily beauty regimen. Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness proudly keeps LipSmart available right in the clinic, so you always come by for more LipSmart product.

Start your path to plumper, softer lips by booking a LipSmart consultation at Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness today. Schedule online or over the phone.

*Individual results may vary.